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Add Ons

  • Sliced Beef $5.45
  • Sliced Pork$4.25
  • Sliced Pork Belly
  • Sliced Lamb$5.45
  • Shrimp$4.25
  • Pork Intestine$4.25
  • Crown Daisy$4.25
  • Fish Tofu $2.75
  • Roe Fish Ball
  • Fresh Enoki Mushroom$2.75
  • Tempura $2.75
  • Fried Tofu Skin $3.00
  • Taiwanese Bok Choy$2.75
  • Milk Cream
  • Imitation Crab Stick $2.75
  • Iced Tofu$2.25
  • Meat Ball $2.25
  • Original Wok Noodle$2.25
  • Spinach Wok Noodle $2.25
  • Quail Egg $1.75
  • Pork Blood $2.75
  • Udon$1.75
  • Instant Noodle$1.75
  • Tofu $1.75
  • Fish Cake $1.75
  • Egg$1.00
  • Steamed Rice $1.00
  • Vermicelli $1.00
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Spicy Fermented Tofu

Garlic Pork Belly

Spicy Tangy Beef

Holy Cow

Scallion Gravy Rice


  • Milky Soft Herbal Jelly $1.00

Beverages & Drinks


  • Green Tea $3.75
  • Old-Time Delight Black Tea $3.75
  • Honey G/B Tea$4.25
  • Yogurt G/B Tea$4.25
  • Honey Lemon G/B Tea$4.25
  • Passion Fruit G/B Tea$4.25
  • Lemon G/B Tea$4.25
  • Mango G/B Tea$4.25
  • Winter Melon Black Tea$4.00

Milk Cream Tea

  • Milk Cream Green Tea
  • Milk Cream Old Time Delight Black Tea

milk tea

  • Fresh Milk Tea$4.50
  • Milk Green Tea $4.50
  • Hokkaido Milk Tea$5.00
  • Old-Time Delight Milk Tea$4.50
  • Honey Milk Tea $4.75
  • Honey Milk Green Tea$4.75


  • Sweet Milk w/ Boba$5.25
  • Pudding Sweet Milk w/ Boba$5.50
  • Matchat Green Tea


  • Winter Melon Juice $3.00
  • Guava Juice$3.25
  • Ai Love Yu

hot drinks

  • Hot Ginger Tea$3.50
  • Hot Ginger Milk Tea$3.50
  • Hot Longan Tea$3.50
  • Hot Longan Milk Tea$3.50


  • Coke$2.50

add ons

  • Boba$0.50
  • Pudding$0.50
  • Lychee Jelly$0.50
  • Hantien Jelly$0.50
  • Basil Seeds $0.50
  • Herbal Jelly$
  • Matcha jelly
  • Aiyu
  • Popular Item
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lobster fish ball

A savory meat ball made of fish paste and chunks of imitation lobster enjoyed for it's light taste and chewiness.

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A tofu specialty enjoyed for its flexible chewy texture. A thin sheet of tofu skin forms and is set apart when making regular tofu.

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Meat ball (Pork)

A delightful mix pork paste of golf ball size meatballs. It’s chewy and savory.

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spinach wok noodle

A classic home-style comfort food, now guilt free. The texture and firmness of spinach noodle go great with our delicious broth. The perfect chewiness makes people come back for more.

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Fermented tofu

Made from natural vegetable fermentation process for authenticity and high quality.

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Rice vermicelli are a thin form of rice noodles. They are sometimes referred to as rice noodles

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Fish Cake

BP exclusive made with real fish paste and carefully hand stamped with our initial for quality assurance.

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Fish TOfu

A delightful mix of fish paste and soybean. Firm and chewy in fun cubic tofu shape.

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Imitation Crab Stick

Fish paste in stick shape is mixed red-orange on top side. Texture is juicy and smell crab flavour.

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Made from fish paste with minced vegetable. This treat is full of flavors.

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Fuzhou fish ball (Pork)

A fish paste meatball with saucy pork filling. The original surf and turf food.

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Wasabi rice ball

glutinous rice ball with a wasabi taste interior topped with sesame seeds

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Tofu Pudding w/ brown sugar

A smooth and silky traditional Chinese dessert made from soy beans, similar looking to flan.

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Guava g/B tea

A tropical shore in the palm of your hand, this luscious guava will take you to islands unknown. Sweet & juicy, these exotic taste is novel and refreshing.

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Winter Melon juice

A tasty cooling drink, the distinctive sweet melon aftertaste simply makes you crave for more. Enjoy this ice cold drink all summer long!

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Basil seeds

Having Basil Seeds in your drink would turn into a very flavorful and refreshing summertime coolant.