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November 23, 2022

Holiday Bonus Deals are happening!

Holiday Bonus Deals from 11/23/2022 - 12/31/2022. 1. Choose 2 from the 4 popular appetizers and get 15% off: Spicy Tofu / Spicy Cumin Lamb / Spicy Tangy Beef / Holy Cow 2. Get 15% off on 11 selected retail items: Mushroom 2 Powder / Curried Tofu / Black Pepper Sauce / BP Seasoning Powder / Old fashioned BBQ sauce / Curry Sauce / 3 Cup Chicken Sauce / Flaming Chili Oil / Spicy Garlic Bean Paste / Extra Piquant Sauce / 3-Cup Fermented Tofu *Eligible In-store only at all Boiling Point locations
cht:又快到一年一度最熱閙的感恩節和聖誕節了!11/23/2022-12/31/2022 沸點店内將會推出節日超值優惠!快來和我們一起慶祝吧!1.以下最受歡迎的前菜中任點兩樣即享85折:麻辣臭豆腐 / 麻辣孜然羊 / 酸辣牛肉 / 酸辣牛三寶 2.購買以下零售產品即享85折:菇菇粉 / 咖喱豆腐 / 蒜香黑椒醬 / 招牌配方粉 / 古早味沙茶醬 / 咖喱醬 / 三杯鷄醬 / 辣油 / 麻豆醬 / 臺式麻辣醬 / 三杯臭豆腐 *優惠限全沸點店内

October 26, 2022

2023 Year of the Rabbit Gift Card is here!

The rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. From 10/26-11/30, we are sharing the good luck with all of you! Gift big and save bigger! Buy $100 gift card, get one free BP Market exclusive tote bag. Buy $300 gift card, get free $25 gift card. Buy $500 gift card, get free $50 gift card.
cht:2023 兔年禮卡蹦蹦登場!兔子是十二生肖裡最幸運的最溫柔的動物。優惠期間10/26/2022至11/30/2022,我們將分享各種好運及好康給幸運的你們!買越大,省更大!凡購買$100禮卡即贈送沸點BP Market獨家超實用帆布袋一個。滿$300禮卡,送$25禮卡。滿$500禮卡,送$50禮卡。

October 5, 2022

3 Cup Chicken Hot Soup and Sauce

Available starting 10/5/2022! 3 Cup Chicken Hot Soup: A seasonal hot soup inspired by the iconic and authentic Taiwanese dish - 3 Cup Chicken containing juicy chicken thigh simmered in aromatic 3 Cup Chicken sauce which brings a mouth-watering savory taste! While supplies last.
3 Cup Chicken Sauce: A magical sauce arises as three of the essential elements: sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine combined. Elevate your home cooking with this easy and ready-to-use sauce to create your own 3 Cup Chicken dishes! Available in-store and online.

October 5, 2022

All You Can Eat Rice Deal!

10/5/2022-11/5/2022 only! Enjoy all you can eat rice with the purchase of 3 Cup Chicken Hot Soup and 3 Cup Chicken Sauce! Experience what perfection feels like when tasting 3 Cup Chicken’s juicy savory chicken thigh with an unlimited supply of steaming white rice. Seize this amazing combo deal while supplies last! *Available for dine-in only.

September 28, 2022

Back to School Deal!

It's the back-to-school season again! 9/28/2022-10/12/2022 back-to-school promotion: Get one free hot soup add-on with a valid student ID! Dine-in only. Customer must present a valid student ID to redeem one free add-on from the menu. Free add-on must be equal or less value than $5 only. Limit to hot soup add-ons. One valid student ID per table. Available at all Boiling Point locations. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
cht:又到了一年一度的返校日啦! 9/28到10/12返校日限時優惠:在沸點店内用餐出示有效學生證件,就送免費火鍋配料一份!全地點店内都有優惠!走過路過,不要錯過!*顧客須出示一張有效學生證件兌換一份菜單上的免費火鍋配料。*火鍋配料的價格必須等於或者小於$5。*每桌僅限用一張學生卡兌換火鍋配料。*此優惠不能和其他優惠叠加使用。

August 31, 2022

Labor Day Gift Card Promo

Good news! We now accept credit card for in store gift card purchasing! 9/2-9/5 labor day gift card deal: Buy a $100 gift card and get 1 free large drink of your choice. Buy $200 gift card and get 2 free large drinks of your choice. Buy $300 gift card and receive a $25 gift card. Buy $600 gift card and receive a $50 gift card. Toppings for free drinks are additional charge. Available at all Boiling Point locations. Eligible for in-store purchase only. Gift card cannot be returned or exchanged for cash value.
cht:好消息!店裏現在可以接受信用卡購買禮卡了。勞動節期間店內購禮卡限量優惠!9/2到9/5 ,只有四天!數量有限,要買要快!到店裡購買$100禮卡,就送任選大杯飲料一杯。購買$200禮卡,就送任選大杯飲料兩杯。購買$300禮卡,就送$25禮卡。購買$600禮卡,就送$50禮卡!自用送禮兩相宜!買越多省越多!全地點店内都有優惠!贈送飲料的配料需額外收費。

July 27, 2022

Introducing Our New & Fresh Chili Plum Powder

It has been one of our popular seasoning ever since we added to our table sauce collection! And... TA DA! The wait is over! The valuable retail pack is now available in-store and online for purchase. Shop now

July 20, 2022

Beat The Heat - 20% Off on Par-Tea Jugs!

Stay hydrated! Get 20% OFF on Par Tea Jugs! Take advantage of our promotion on Southern California delivery platforms only. Additional toppings are extra charge. Pasadena store is excluded. Promotion date: 7/20-8/31.
cht:夏日消暑計畫 - 沸點派對茶 20% Off!不管是海邊或游泳池的聚會,帶上一桶64盎司的沸點派對茶絕對錯不了!優惠期間7/20至8/31,任一種口味的沸點派對茶,都享有20% Off折扣!此優惠只限外賣平台。Pasadena分店除外。

July 20, 2022

Beat The Heat - Lemon QQ Jelly Buy 4 Get 1 Free!

Can't get enough of these sweets? Don't miss out on your chance to stock up on our summer favorites! Lemon QQ Jelly is now "buy 4 get 1 free" for a limited time only. Available in-store and online. Promotion date: 7/20-8/31.
cht:夏日消暑計畫 - 檸檬豆豆果凍 買四送一!冰冰涼涼,酸酸甜甜的果凍隨手帶上一包,吃一口瞬間降溫!限時優惠7/20至8/31,買四包就送一包!快點手刀買起來,此為熱銷商品,隨時被搶完!全部分店及BP Market均有此優惠。

July 20, 2022

Beat The Heat - Buy One Get One For $1.49!

Our limited-time offers are just what you need to keep yourself feeling cool and refreshed during the hot summer days! From 7/20-8/31, buy one drink and get second (of equal/lesser value) drink for only $1.49! Additional toppings are extra charge. Available for in-store purchase only. Pasadena store is excluded.
cht:夏日消暑計畫 - 飲料買一杯,第二杯只要$1.49!炎炎夏日,快呼朋引伴到沸點一起喝涼的!7/20至8/31期間,原價購買一杯飲料,第二杯只要$1.49元!任何加料需另外收費。原價最低者以$1.49收費。只限內用或外帶。Pasadena分店除外。