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April 24, 2022

Order Online & Pick Up In-Store

Are you in a hurry and don't want to wait in line? We now offer online ordering at our Southern California stores. Take advantage of our online ordering service and pick up your order to avoid lines! Order now

April 13, 2022

New Black Pepper Sauce

Introducing our black pepper sauce made with freshly crushed black peppers. It is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of spice and savory taste to their dishes. Create a variety of dishes with this instant sauce that is deliciously paired with steak, rice and more! Available at all USA  locations in-stores and online! Shop Now.
cht:新品上架 - 蒜香黑椒醬!黑胡椒與蒜末完美拌炒後風味濃郁,鹹度適中,直接開封當沾醬或淋上鐵板牛排,在家輕鬆做出最正統最道地最"台"的黑胡椒醬料理!4/13起各分店及網路商場 熱賣中

March 16, 2022

Unbeatable Deals!

Unbeatable deals on our most popular sauces! Enhance your taste buds and at home dining experience with these flavorful sauces added to your everyday meals! Limited time offer! Available at all USA locations and online. *Promotion may vary in-store and online.

December 22, 2021

Garlic Chili Crunch Bogo Free

12/22-1/16 Limited time deal! Our hot item - Garlic Chili Crunch is now buy one get one FREE! Zesty garlic, fragrant chilis, addicting crunch- the delectable trifecta guaranteed to make any dish bolder. Available in-store and BP Market.
cht: 12/22-1/16 限時優惠!熱賣商品 鮮蒜辣椒醬 現在買一送一!適溫拌炒完美融合鮮辣椒和大蒜,保留鮮香純味! 適合當沾醬或料理調味品嘗美味的新火花!全部分店及BP Market均有此優惠。

November 24, 2021

Three Cup Fermented Tofu

A classic and authentic Taiwanese three cup chicken sauce mixed with Non-GMO fermented tofu creates an exotic aroma from the premium black sesame oil and ginger, plus the delicious sweet and savory nuance to the taste.  Shop Now
cht:三杯雞醬汁配上臭豆腐,黃金搭配的好滋味!選用上等黑麻油,風味醇香,淡淡的薑味香氣撲鼻而來。一包多用,內含七塊非基改臭豆腐及三杯雞醬汁,可當小菜,豆腐煲,火鍋湯底或拌麵皆適宜。三杯風味料理輕鬆上桌! 購買

November 22, 2021

Black Friday Deals For Days

Nov,26th - 29th PST. Save up to 15% Off select products with Hot Pot Label. Enter BP2021 at checkout. Gift cards and frozen products are excluded.  Shop Now
cht:黑五優惠開跑!11月26至29號於線上商店享有特定商品高至85折優惠。凡有火鍋標籤之商品即可享有優惠。結帳輸入優惠碼BP2021。 購買

November 18, 2021

New Miso Hot Soup

Say hello to the new Miso Hot Soup with improved recipe! We focus on umami and savory flavors from bonito flakes and miso paste. With a slight change of ingredients, you will taste a perfectly balanced savory yet mild broth.

November 5, 2021

11/11 Single Day Super Sale Countdown

Desire another chopstick to enjoy our hot pot on 11/11. Build up your own soup base with BP products. 11% Off your entire purchase. Search for products with the chopsticks label to get saving. The Promo will begin from 11/11 12 am to 11 pm. *Gift cards and frozen products are excluded.
cht:您是否在異國他鄉尋找著另一双筷子一起度過今年的光棍節。沸點商城為您提供最優質的調味料和食材, 方便您和家人朋友在家裡就可以享受美味的菜餚和火鍋。活動從11/11凌晨12點開始到晚上11點结束。只有筷子標示的產品有此折扣。訂購商城商品 89折優惠。本次活動不包括禮品卡和冷凍食品。

November 3, 2021

Cheers to the 2022 Year of the Tiger Gift Card!

Gift one. Get one! Purchase $100 worth of gift cards and receive a $5 free bonus gift card. Limit 3 cards per person. Available at all BP locations starting 11/3/2021 until 11/14/2021.

October 27, 2021

Curry Sauce

An unique blend of 13 spices for a rich and flavorful curry taste! Create endless dishes using our instant Curry Sauce from entree like Japanese Curry Rice or Curry Udon with vegetables to pastry like Curry Pie and more. Available at all locations, delivery platforms, BP Market and online shop. Shop Now
cht:由13種香辛料製成的咖哩醬汁,微辣配方,濃郁醇厚。撕開後倒出醬料加入自己喜愛的食材,輕鬆調理出日式咖喱飯。也可以燉出美味的咖哩系列,當炸物沾醬,塗抹於食材後焗烤添加風味,或炒飯炒麵都適用!全部分店,外賣平台,BP Market和網路商店熱賣中!點此購買