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April 30, 2020

Spicy Fermented Tofu BOGO (CAN Only)

Now we offer buy one get one free spicy fermented tofu promotion for our Canada locations. First come first serve. HURRY NOW, while supplies last!


April 23, 2020

Mother's Day Giveaway

In honor of the superwoman in your life, we are hosting a Mother's Day Giveaway! Nominate your mom for the Best Mom Ever award! 3 winners will win a $50 BP Rewards App Voucher! *Giveaway ends 5/7 11:59pm (PT)⁠. For details on how to enter, please visit our Instagram or Facebook. ⁠This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook.

為了慶祝母親節,沸點特別推出最強媽咪活動。推薦你的媽咪就有機會獲得$50 沸點集點APP折價券乙張。一共將送出三張。欲知詳情請上沸點官方 IG臉書

April 23, 2020

BP Group Buy is now available in Southern California (Select Cities Only)

Today, we're excited to introduce our new online service: group orders. Boiling Point committed to delivering a fresh and personalized experience to you. We believe food is meant to be shared. Hot Pot Kit is the perfect way to recreate your favorite Boiling Point flavors with friends, colleagues and family. Free delivery every week! Give it a try and have fun eating together. Explore the menu.


April 22, 2020

Five Treasure Hot Soup is absolutely rich!

New hot soup flavor launches at all USA locations(excluding Pasadena location)on 4/28! The Five Treasure Hot Soup includes tender beef slices and specialty ingredients such as squid fish paste, fried bean curd, intestines, fermented tofu, and pickled mustard greens in a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy broth. You can order delivery via UberEats and Doordash at select locations. It's time for you to own it as one of your most treasured food!

超級濃郁的五味辣臭豆腐鍋上菜了!新鍋將在4/28在美國的沸點分店(不包括Pasadena分店)與大家見面! 濃郁的五味辣臭豆腐鍋裡面有軟嫩的牛肉片、魷魚羹、甜不辣、大腸、臭豆腐、蘭花乾和酸甜的香醇高湯。除了到分店外帶,你還可以用外送平台Ubereats或Doordash送到家,簡單享受一餐五味俱全的美味!

April 1, 2020

BP Market Now Open in the Washington neighborhood!

BP Market will be selling veggies in store for togo order! (Washington locations) Napa $2.15/ea, Cabbage $3.75/ea, Bunapi Mushroom $2.25/bag, Bunashimeji Mushroom $2.25/bag. While Supplies Last. Special take-out orders promotion available. Every $15 spent, receive $3 off.

沸點將在店內銷售新鮮蔬菜給外帶訂單。大白菜 $2.15, 高麗菜 $3.75, 白玉菇包 $2.25, 鴻禧菇包 $2.25。每天限量賣完為止。現在還可使用滿$15元立即折扣$3元的優惠唷!

April 1, 2020

Canada BP Market weekly delivery!

Boiling Point is helping to deliver food to your community at this sensitive time. "Ready to Cook" fresh food items all washed and cut up. Free shipping with order over $30. Available for in store pick up under $30. Market food items and more information Check Here.

在這個非常時期,沸點將提供生鮮宅配服務給加拿大的鄰居朋友們。滿滿一箱清洗好且切好的生鮮肉類及蔬菜,收到立即可以煮!滿$30立即免運。未滿$30也可以店取。沸點生鮮超市目錄和更多資訊 查看

March 24, 2020

BP Market is Here to Help! (SoCal Locations)

We are selling fresh vegetables in store for togo orders. Napa $2, Bean Sprouts $1.50, Cabbage $2, Tomato Bag $4 (4 Tomatos, Cilantro, Green Onions), $ Mixed Mshroom Bag $6 (Yellow Mushroom, Bunapi Mushroom, Bunashimeji Mushroom 1 bag each). Priority reservation for the Elderly (over 65 years old) and handicap shoppers ( you can also call the BP store to reserve). Limit to 1 bag of each veggie per person. While Supplies Last. Special take-out orders promotion available. Every $15 spent, receive $3 off.

沸點將在店內銷售新鮮蔬菜給外帶訂單。大白菜 $2, 黃豆芽菜 $1.5, 高麗菜 $2, 番茄青蔥香菜包 $4, 綜合菇菇包 $6 (黃頭菇、鴻禧菇等)。年長者以及行動不變者,可通過撥打沸點店家電話預訂,我們會為您留下,等您於指定時間來店裡領取!一個人限購一包。每天限量賣完為止。現在還可使用滿$15元立即折扣$3元的優惠唷!

March 19, 2020

BP Fresh

It's the perfect way to recreate your favorite boiling point flavors with friends and family. Order free delivery via UberEats or place a phone call for pick up at All Southern California and Washington locations. Read More


March 19, 2020

BP Easy Eat

Don't have time to cook? Want something quick and easy? Order the Bp Easy Eat! Order free delivery via UberEats or place a phone call for pick up at at our Southern California (excluded Pasadena) and Washington locations.Read More

沒有時間煮飯嗎?還在煩惱怎麼可以煮出一手又省時又好吃的好菜嗎?快快快~沸點出BP EZ eat套餐組了!現在使用Ubereats買外帶還享免運費的優惠!或者也可以直接撥打電話到南加分店(除了Pasadena)或者華盛頓州分店!暸解活動

March 18, 2020

We Deliver With UberEats

Stay Home and let delicious come to you! UberEats are available at all Boiling Point locations. Order Now!