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August 6, 2019

Hot Spring Egg on Rice Available at Bellevue.

A perfectly poached egg covered in the juices of stir-fried crispy scallions and aromatic pork oil. Now available at Bellevue Location.


August 1, 2019

UberEAT at Select Locations

Let delicious come to you. Our Hacienda Heights, San Gabriel, Chino Hills, Irvine, and Artesia locations are now on UberEATS!


August 1, 2019

Milk Cream Slushies

Our Milk Cream Slushies in Hokkaido Milk or Mango Lychee flavors are now available at all Canada locations until 9/30/19.⁠

即日起,加拿大沸點分店開始販售兩款冰沙:北海道奶香冰沙 及 芒果奶香冰沙。數量有限,敬請把握。

July 2, 2019

Tender Beef Tomato Hot Soup

Inspired by the classic Taiwanese tomato beef noodle soup, the mildly spicy and zesty tomato broth with tender beef shank will satisfy your cravings all year round.


July 2, 2019

Flower POP

Three harmonious flavors combine to create the Flower Pop, the perfect beverage for transporting you to your happy place on summer days.


July 2, 2019

50% Off Thai Fusion Hot Soup

USA: App members can receive 50% off Thai Fusion by showing their in-app coupon.Valid 7/2 - 8/2.
CAN: 50% Off by following BP on WeChat, Instagram, or Facebook.Valid 7/2 -8/2.

Chinese Translation:

July 2, 2019

Buy One Get One Free Drinks

7/2-9/30, Mon-Fri, 3-5 pm. Valid at all US locations. Free drinks must be same flavor. Toppings at an additional charge.

7/2-9/30 週一~週五,下午三~五點,全美分店均可享有飲料買一送一優惠。免費飲料只限同口味,加料需加價。

July 2, 2019

SoCal Summer Savings - Chino Hills

4.50 for any appetizer of choice with purchase of any hot soup. Cannot be combined with 50% Thai Fusion promo. Valid 7/2 - 9/30.

7/2 - 9/30,點購任何一鍋,小菜均一價$4.50。無法與 50% off Thai Fusion 優惠併用。

July 2, 2019

SoCal Summer Savings - Pasadena

$1 off soup upgrade with purchase of any hot soup. Cannot be combined with 50% Thai Fusion promo. Valid 7/2 - 9/30.

點購任一鍋,加點任一升級配料組合減$1。無法與 50% off Thai Fusion 優惠併用。詳情請洽店內。

July 2, 2019

SoCal Summer Savings - San Gabriel

Free Garlic Pork Belly with purchase of 2 hot soups and 2 drinks. Both drinks must be purchased. Cannot be combined with 50% Thai Fusion promo. Valid 7/2 - 9/30. Monday to Friday 3PM - 6PM.

點購兩份鍋品和兩杯飲料,即可以獲得免費蒜泥白肉一份。 兩杯飲料均需付費。 無法與 50% off Thai Fusion 優惠併用. 詳情請洽詢服務員.活動日期:7/2-9/30,週一~週五,下午3~6點。